Welcome! The Association is organized exlusively for the purposes of promoting and disseminating information related to the technical and other aspects of the offshore cargo container industry.
Members of the Assocation are companies directly involved in the management, rental, and/or sale of offshore cargo containers. Our members also include companies that provide ancillary services including consulting, engineering, rigging, fabrication, or inspection services. Click here to learn more.



Please read our provided documentation if you wish to learn more about AECCA.


    The AECCA Presentation gives a detailed description of our goals through a slideshow. It describes our standards, work practices, and actions taken to improve our industry.

How do we secure safe and productive jobs for the Oil and Gas Industry workers in the United States? View our Go Gulf Ad to find out how.

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Prior to becoming a member of AECCA, there are certain expectations to adhere to. Please read over the expectations prior to sending your application. Click here to download our application and email it to Info@AECCA.us